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Amazing Ninjas (Ages 3-6)

Give your child a head start on life's upcoming challenges! Our trained staff will give your child the individualized attention he or she deserves that will help mold them into confident children. Our program emphasizes skills that make your child beam with confidence. They will learn to be focused, loud, and become coordinated. Is this child the same one you brought to us months ago? We bet you'll be surprised!!




Mighty Warriors (Ages 7-12)

Children can build a great foundation that instill future healthy habits through the Mighty Warriors program. They will learn important principles that focus on respect and self-discipline, meanwhile gaining the confidence to persevere over many challenges. You'll notice a significant difference in your child's confidence and attention to details. Where on earth did they learn this stuff?!




Kids Yoga (Ages 4-10)

Who ever said that Yoga is just an adult thing? We believe that amazing kids will make amazing adults. So besides all the benefits of karate, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, kids can expand on their mind and body training with the princliples of yoga. We offer a fun evironment that allows kids to expand their talents and reach their maximum potential. Maybe you'll pick up a thing or two from seeing them train! Great right?!


Bully Buster Seminars

Unfortunately, as things change, some things stay the same...and tho your child is growing up in a different world than when you did, they still have those dreaded bullies to worry about. We teach children effective techniques that instill confidence in everything they do, so they can avoid being the target of a bully...but if that time comes, rest assured that we've taught them how to handle a bully! Can your principal say that?


Birthday Parties

Don't let the hassle of planning a birthday party get the best of you, let us make it a hassle-free experience! Your kid already loves coming here, so why not have them celebrate that special day at their favorite place?! We will keep the party moving with fun games, high energy music, and most importantly, loads of smiles! We're confident your kid will talk about this party well after the celebration is over! Sounds great doesn't it?!


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